My Mate – The World’s Worst Photographer

My good friend George, a mate for over 40 years, is the world’s worst photographer. He is successful at every thing he has ever focused on – but ‘snaps’ just didn’t rank as a priority. He tried a dozen different cameras before he decided “it was him, not the tool”.

That all changed. A hiking trip in Nepal to the base camp at Mt Everest opened his eyes to the beauty around him. Capturing it on film was a piece of cake.

The turning point? What made the difference?

He took time to see what he was looking at. To observe the beauty and soak in vibe. Recording it just followed.
GM NepalGM Nepal-3GM Nepal

A bit like planning for the future.

First you need to take time to take stock. Look at what exists around you, and evaluate it. Appreciate the good bits and recognise the not so good bits – so you can manage and deal with them rather than ignore them.

They have a habit of coming back to haunt you, whether a health issue, relationship problem, business risk or other thorn in your virtual side – ignoring it won’t make it go away.

The most ignored aspects of our life are death, illness and potential lost of capacity through illness, accident or the ageing process.

Take a leaf out of George’s book, make a conscious effort to slow down, observe what is around you, record it and use your observations and captured memories to plan the rest of you journey.

Now George sees and captures beauty in almost everything he looks at. Then uses every skerrick of information to plan his next venture, his journey through life. So much so he’s taken the time to address those personal and financial issues necessary to enable him to continue to fulfill his dreams whilst he can…..and help his kids do likewise when he falls off his perch.

So…it’s easy for us all to improve our lives the way George improved his photos.

Start observing today, and plan for tomorrow.

3 Comments on “My Mate – The World’s Worst Photographer”

  1. ianhyman2013 says:

    Are you getting soppy on me – can’t we work 80 hour weeks forever, drink too much, eat too much and still live till we are 110!

  2. Deb Potas says:

    Never truer words!

    Deb Potas

    National Facilities & Admin Manager


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